You’ll never find Jay Aymar in a martini bar. Give him a beer and a toasted western, talk about inexpensive hotels, waitresses at truck stops, and the small towns that dot this country from St. John’s to Vancouver Island, and you’ll find a man you’ll want to be friends with for the rest of your life. Jay Aymar’s an ordinary guy, with an extraordinary talent. He’s constantly writing a song, and that’s a gift most folk are not blessed with. And, three or four days every week, he’s standing in front of people playing those songs and telling those stories. Could be in a bar on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, or a hotel in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, or someone’s living room in Morden, Manitoba. Could be at a festival in British Columbia, or a coffee house in New Brunswick, or a tavern in Tobermory. Wherever you discover him, you know one thing right off: This man’s the real deal. No pretension, no airs, no showbiz bullshit. Plain as a Tim Horton’s double-double and as straight at the highway between Regina and Calgary. Play his CDs on your next long drive, or late at night with a close friend. And you’ll know the most basic fact about Jay Aymar: Without exception, he tells the truth.


Jay’s taking it easy in Sault Ste. Marie (home when he’s not on the road), preparing songs for a new recording. For more information and live dates, visit Jay’s site….  

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