Like most men, I’ve a soft spot for those wonderfully sexy French singers. Who can forget, for instance, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg’s version of “JTaime”? *

In fact, Jane was British, although she has long lived in France. And while best known for that enigmatic, sentimental but sexy song (instantly banned on radio at the time) she has a distinguished resume as an actress, and holds the Order of the British Empire, which may be short of having a knighthood, but it’s still a major honour. And she also holds a major French honour, the Ordre National de Mérite. She never married Gainsbourg. but had a long relationship with him, although she was briefly married to John Barry, the composer of “Goldfinger” and dozens of movie soundtracks.

Here’s a song from Birkin you may not have heard before. Heartbreaking, non? Especially because there are so many pictures of her long-time lover…



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