My pal Michael Wrycraft called me yesterday. Where was my daily video link, he asked. Answer: Too busy to send one out – happens sometimes.

Okay, he sez, didja know that today was the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s first record?

Produced by John Hammond, reputedly for $408.00. They called it “Hammond’s folly” around the Columbia Records office. And the sleeve note has a chunk of a piece from the New York Times by Robert Shelton: “”But if not for very taste, his music-making has the mask of originality and inspiration, all the more noteworthy for his youth…”

Well, he aged, he changed, he pissed off a lot of people, and he never grew up. He was, is and will be, forever young.

And — young or old — WE are blessed

There is hardly any decent Bob Dylan footage on YouTube, but hundreds of covers by artists known and unknown, hopeless and talented.

One of the talented ones — my young friend Ariana Gillis — is hosting a Bob Dylan tribute night at Hugh’s Room in Toronto on Saturday April 7, with all sorts of wonderful folk including Paul James, Jory Nash, Shakura S’Aida, Suzie Vinnick and Kevin Breit.

And she’ll probably play this song, which I’ve sent out before, but it really is remarkable:


(forever semi-young)

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