One of the nicest thing about doing these daily missives is the input from you guys. The other day, when I presented some old and new “drug” songs, some of you wrote with suggestions.

“Where’s John Prine’s ‘Illegal Smile’?” someone wrote, and here it is. This is a 1978 version. and the audience is amused and restrained. When he does it now — and he has to, almost every night — audiences go nuts, sing along and holler like banshees. Pity, because it’s a funny song, with some very serious moments. If you’ve not heard it for a while, here ya go:

I also gave you the link to an early Jackson Browne version of ‘Cocaine’ — and my pal Jay Aymar pointed me to a later, more considered version of the song. Back the day, coke was seen as a pretty benign high, and, yes, I certainly indulged. It’s a bit more dangerous today, so show your kids this version of Browne’s classic if they (or you!) get tempted:

Finally, because I can’t resist, an oldie I sent out last August — some of you might have missed it, and many more of you have joined the list since. Not a single trace of irony here, and the best drug song you’ll ever hear on the Lawrence Welk show!

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