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Trolling around YouTube is rarely boring, though it IS time consuming.
Last month I discovered someone called Kina Grannis — and gave you a link to a Valentine’s Day song that had, then, 12  MILLION views. Pleasant pop music, cool video, very pretty young woman. And, of course, I’d never heard of her, never read her name, never heard anyone talk about her — and my guess is that you hadn’t either.
But somebody has — this month she’s in Hong King, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia, and in April she has a dozen major US dates, and major gigs in Toronto and Montreal.
So here’s another cool video, and another one that must have cost a small fortune (and uses 300,000 jelly beans!):
For the singer-songwriters on this list, you might be interested in this interview, in which Ms. Grannis speaks about YouTube, how it’s worked for her, and how a major label did NOT make it happen!
OK: Two more “discoveries” — very different from each other and from Ms. Grannis:
Meet Pokey LaFarge, an American singer who’s living proof that the skiffle craze in Britain in the 50s hasn’t completely died out: