Madness at the piano

by richardflohil on 07/03/2012

And now for something completely different: Madness at the piano.

First, Chico and Harpo Marx, from 1941 — more than 70 years ago, and still hilariously funny…

And, since we’re finding a comic piano theme emerging here, meet Tom Lehrer, Harvard mathematics professor, who lit up the 50s with his mordant sense of humour. Devout Catholics may well be offended:

Finally, from the early 70s, the great pianist Victor Borge, whom I clearly remember seeing at Massey Hall with my sister — an evening during which he had the audience convulsed with laughter, mainly by NOT playing the piano. Here he is (with the Muppets) murdering poor Tchaikowesky’s first piano concerto…



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