Texas is a special place. Most of it is barren, and the epithet “redneck” ( literally and metaphorically) a applies to many of its residents.This is, after all, the state that has given the world two generations of Bush. That said, I’ve a sister-in-law in Houston, and I’ve had some memorable trips to Austin. And, the heavens know, the “Great State of Texas” (as they like to call it down there) has produced some memorable musicians.

Today, here are some sons of Texas, singing about the largest state in the Union (but one that is, in fact, much smaller than Ontario).
First, Lyle Lovett — one of the best live artists I’ve ever seen, especially with his Big Band, as he in this clip:

Ray Wylie Hubbard is one of my favourite Texans; his grizzled old hippie persona hides a sharp intellect, a killer sense of humour and a mordant sense of irony. As he says, people don’t always get that, but I know you will!

And, of course, how could I not include this one, from my old pal (still dearly missed) Doug Sahm, with the Texas Tornados — Flaco Jimenez, Augie Meyers and Freddy Fender.

There, don’t you wish you were from Texas too?


PS: Yes, and we will get to Willie and Robert Earl Keen and Slaid Cleaves one o’ these days!

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