My good friends at Six Shooter Records (one of the most amazing indie — and female run — record label/management companies in Canada) represent a whole bunch of fine artists, including the adorable Jenn Grant.

This video, suggested to me by David Farrell, is so sweet I couldn’t resist. Before I get to it, though, I ought to take a minute to talk about videos. Ones like this hardly exist on MuchMusic (they don’t play hardly ANY music!), but they have, with luck, a long shelf-life on YouTube. Personally, I prefer performance videos for publicity/promotional use, but ones like this — with a cute song, a story-line that fits well, and some imaginative photography — are hard to beat.

So this is Jenn Grant. Her man’s gone away to London, and they miss each other… awwww!!!!

Wherever you are, come back home!

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