Andrea Ramolo

Andrea Ramolo


For the last few years, Andrea’s home has been her van and the road has been her destination. Playing shows from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island and up to the Yukon certainly warrants Andrea her reputation as one of Canada’s most tireless road warriors.

Growing up in suburban Toronto with Italian parents, Andrea learned the values of hard work and fortitude. In fact, she’s a young woman with both determination and ambition — and a background with spells as both a high school teacher, professional dancer, and actress. She’s mastered the intricacies of the music industry — she has single-handedly booked every one of her tour dates, and supervises every aspect of her career.

Musically, she’s been described as the antidote to too much Joni Mitchell, a tougher Dolly Parton and a sexier Janis Joplin, but she has a soulful and sultry sound that’s all her own. There’s an intimacy in her music that’s both candid and unapologetic. As one writer put it: “Her beautifully woven narratives and raw delivery pull you in, force you to smile, break your heart, and mend it all over again. She’s a born performer and has been described as fearless, emotional, and confident. And sometimes she even tap dances.

Andrea has lent her vocal talents to recordings for Martha and the Muffins, Cindy Doire, and The Strip and has shared the stage with some of Canada’s best roots musicians. In 2009, she won the Toronto Exclusive Magazine awards for Best Female Folk Artist, Best Folk Album, and Best Blues Song. She was a guest speaker at the 2009 Ontario Council of Folk Festivals Conference in Ottawa on how independent artists can book their own tours; showcased at the American Folk Alliance via the Sweet Beaver Suite in Memphis.

Andrea Ramolo released her first indie album Thank You for the Ride and it definitely HAS been a ride — Andrea has criss-crossed Canada playing more than 400 shows since that record was launched.

The ride got faster, harder and louder with the release of her latest Tim Thorney-produced CD, The Shadows and the Cracks. The CD was released on Thorniac Records, and distributed by MDM/Universal Music Canada. The album demonstrates a sensitivity and strength, with honest tales of love, longing, sorrow, and human relationships, many of them inspired by “the ride.” Andrea’s gritty voice — softened occasionally by the vulnerability that comes from road-weariness and the distance from friends and family — is both unique and memorable; some of the best session players in Canada provide powerful support.


Andrea has finished recording the debut Scarlett Jane album Stranger with Cindy Doire.

The Shadows & The Cracks – One sheet (download)

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